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5339 S. New Hope Rd. 
Belmont, NC  28012
10:30 Sunday Mornings
New Here?
Thanks for checking out Gaston Christian Church!
Whether you have joined us on a Sunday morning already or are considering visiting us on a Sunday morning, we are sure you may have a question or two! This part of the website is just for you. Think of this as a FAQ area for our church. Take a look around and if you still have questions please contact us with your questions.
Question: How do I get there?
Answer:  We are located at 5339 S. New Hope Rd., Belmont, NC 28012.  If you are familiar with the area, we are located about half-way between the Fish Camps and Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  If you’re not familiar with area, check out Google Maps Here
Question: What time should I get there?
Answer: Worship is at 10:30 (we have Bible Classes/Sunday School for children and adults at 9:30; we have coffee, donuts too!)
Question: What should I wear? 
Answer: You may come in casual clothes or dressed up. We don’t care. (Really, we don’t.)
Question: What will my kids do?
Answer: Your kid(s) will have the chance to attend a class grouped by age. In their class they will be taught a Bible based lesson by our Youth Pastor or one of our Awesome Kidz Block Teachers. For more info about what your kid(s) might do check out Our Ministries page. 
Question: Will my kid(s) be safe and well taken care of? 
Answer: Yes, your Kid(s) will be safe while they are away from you. All of our volunteers have had an extensive background check and are long-term members of our church.  During service there is designated security person who walks through the parking lot and walks through the kids ministry area to ensure everyone and everything is secure.
Question: What can I really expect when I show up? 
Answer: We try to have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  People will say “Hi” to you, but you won’t be stared at or peppered with personal questions.  We sing upbeat, meaningful songs and have a praise band.  We take communion every Sunday.  We take up an offering (but you don’t have to put anything in … really, you don’t!).  We have classes for your kids, or they can stay in “big church” with you.  You won’t be yelled at, singled out, asked to speak or put in the spotlight.  You will be smiled at, spoken to, welcomed and maybe even hugged.
Question: What about communion and offering? 
Answer: We do take communion every Sunday (but you won’t feel out of place). Communion is passed to everyone in attendance and we believe that the decision to participate is between you and God (1 Corinthians 11:28).  We take up an offering (but you don’t have to put anything in … really, you don’t!).
Question: Can I bring my smartphone or tablet?
Answer: Absolutely!  We have wireless internet available for you to use. We use the YouVersion Bible App (a free App that you can find in your app store) to share our message notes each Sunday. 
Question: I have a question that is not listed here? 
Answer:  If you have another question that you want to ask you can visit our contact us section. From there you can fill out the form with your question and a Pastor will get back with you shortly. 
Question: what does the church look like on a Sunday morning?
Answer: It would look like something like this ….
Our Current Series: 
Description of this Series:
The book of Proverbs is full of practical wisdom and truth for life.  It also points us to the Divine Author of all wisdom and truth!
Current and Past Messages
For messages predating the list below, please contact us

Jun 17, 2018
Father Knows Best
Father's Day: Solomon, in the Proverbs, gives some good fatherly wisdom that is applicable to us all. "AudioLineIn_001_0" by Father Knows Best. Genre: Blues.
  • Jun 17, 2018Father Knows Best
    Jun 17, 2018
    Father Knows Best
    Father's Day: Solomon, in the Proverbs, gives some good fatherly wisdom that is applicable to us all. "AudioLineIn_001_0" by Father Knows Best. Genre: Blues.
  • Jun 10, 2018Think Before You Speak (The Power of Words)
    Jun 10, 2018
    Think Before You Speak (The Power of Words)
    Q: What is the most powerful, versatile muscle in your body? A: your tongue! I don't know if that is medically true but in terms of what it can do, the tongue is mighty powerful! What we say matters and what Proverbs has to say about what we say should be heeded."02_Words" from 04_Proverbs by 2018_Sermons. Released: 2018. Genre: sermon.
  • Jun 3, 2018Start at the Beginning
    Jun 3, 2018
    Start at the Beginning
    Before we can gain wisdom, we need to know where it comes from. Solomon, the wisest man ever to live, has told us."01_Beginning" from 04_Proverbs by 2018_Sermons. Released: 2018. Genre: Other.
  • May 27, 2018God Stories
    May 27, 2018
    God Stories
    Series: Special
    Four people share their God-Stories"01_God Stories" from 13_Special by 2018_Sermons. Released: 2018. Genre: Other.
  • May 20, 2018Jesus Restores Us
    May 20, 2018
    Jesus Restores Us
    Series: Special
    "20-18 - Jesus Restores Us
  • May 13, 2018Portrait of a Godly Mother
    May 13, 2018
    Portrait of a Godly Mother
    Series: Special
    How wonderful and unique God has made mothers (and all women, for that matter)!"SP_PortraitGodlyMother" from 13_Special by G. Scott Patterson. Released: 2018. Genre: Other.
  • Apr 29, 2018Family Obligations
    Apr 29, 2018
    Family Obligations
    The church is called a "family" in the Bible. That gives us a sense of love and belonging (as it should) but it also implies a covenant relationship. Paul ends his letter to the Galatians with some words for the "family," reminders of how we are to treat one another as well as how we are to conduct ourselves. "04_Family" from 03_Galatians by G. Scott Patterson. Released: 2018. Genre: Other.
  • Apr 22, 2018Under the Influence
    Apr 22, 2018
    Under the Influence
    Who or what determines your decisions? We either live by our own rules or by the leading of the Holy Spirit (and you know which one the Bible says ought to describe Christians). So what would our lives look like if we followed the Spirit of God instead of our own lives?"22-18 - Under the Influence_A" by 4. Genre: Blues.
  • Apr 15, 2018What are You Working For?
    Apr 15, 2018
    What are You Working For?
    Faith in Jesus vs. Works of the Law. Works do not save, but does that mean we have nothing to "do"?What are You Working For. Genre: Sermon
  • Apr 8, 2018One and Only One
    Apr 8, 2018
    One and Only One
    Is the Gospel “enough”? Some think that we need to add a few extras “just to make sure” we’re doing things right. This was a problem in the 1st Century Church, one that Paul addresses with some strong words. "01_Gospel" from 03_Galatians by G. Scott Patterson. Released: 2018. Genre: Other.
How Can I Get Involved In A Ministry
Great question! Below you can see all the ministries that we are apart of and partner with, while learning more about who we really are.  You  may be wanting to know what you can do here on Sunday mornings, locally in our own backyard or even help out internationally by getting involved? Here you can explore how you can be a part of something bigger than yourself.  We can help you get involved in the adventure of volunteering to serve.
Our Ministries 
Here at Gaston Christian Church we support in house ministries, local ministries, and International ministries. Below is a description of some of them and where you can learn more about them. 
Kidz  Block
What Is Kidz Block?
Kidz Block is our children’s ministry.  This is for our new-born through 5th grade kidz. We meet on Sunday mornings during both our 9:30am and 10:30 a.m. service times.  Kidz Block is led by a wonderful group of volunteers that want to help kids know Jesus better and help build each kidz faith one block at a time. 
This is a time for our kidz to get a well-rounded, age appropriate lesson on what it means to be a Christ Follower. 
Our classroom’s are: 
Baby Blvd.                (New Born – 2 years old)
Toddler Trail             (3 yrs – 5ys.)
Lego Lane                (K – 2nd grade)
Hero Heights            (3rd grade – 5th Grade) 
High School & Middle School Ministry: We meet on Sunday mornings during our 9:30am Bible class time and 10:30am service time. 
Our In House Ministries
Worship Team Ministry 
If you are musically, vocally or A/V tech inclined, we have a praise band and tech team that leads our worship service each Sunday. 
 Women’s Ministry
Our ladies lead in many service areas, especially those that call for compassion, kindness and hospitality.  In addition they have “Fun and Fellowship” times, whether that be a craft night or a trip to a concert.
women's min 
Prime Timers
We have a “Fun and Games” group that meets once a month for our senior Citizens (or just likes to play games and have fun)!
Prayer Ministry
In addition to our prayer time on Sunday, we have a dedicated group of people who pray for those in need.  They pray for those who are on our prayer list but also accept private and personal request that people would not like to be made “public.”  We do our best to keep all things confidential by not publishing the last names of those on our prayer list (unless they are members of our church). If you have a prayer need, Please contact us and we will will pray for you.
Behind the Scenes 
Those who love flowers, gardening and around the church project are welcome to help this group keep our buildings beautiful and up to date
Behind the scenes
Local Ministries We Support
Belmont Community Organization
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Gaston County
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
IMPACT – UNCC Campus Ministry
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
Mid-Atlantic Christian University
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
Park Springs Christian Center
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
International Ministries We Support
Haiti Active Evangelism
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
Mercy Partners 
You can visit them and learn more by clicking HERE
Mission Services Association 
You can visit them and learn more by Clicking HERE
Our Service Times
Bible classes   starts at 9:30am
Main service starts at: 10:30am
We have classes for each major age group. We have three different Adult classes, a high school & Middle school class, a upper elementary class, lower elementary class and a toddler class.
We will sing songs (both old and new ones), pray, partake in communion and listen to a Bible-based message that relates to everyday life.  We have classes for children and youth up to grade 8 and a nursery.
Our Address & Phone Number
5339 S New Hope Rd
Belmont, NC 28012
Phone Number: 
(704) 825-8252
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